Quotes by Sherman Alexie

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My wife was the first romantic partner who understood both American and native parts of me – not so much the positive stuff, but the damage.

I don’t have to participate in another culture’s ceremonies in order to respect that culture.

You know, people speak in poetry all the time. They just don’t realize it.

My father was always depressed. When he was home and sober, he was mostly in his room.

I’m a method writer. In order to write about the emotion, I have to experience it. I get physically tired and exhausted, devoting hours and hours and hours to it.

In high school I dated a white woman. She would come to visit me on the rez. And her dad, who was very racist, didn’t like that at all. And he told her one time, ‘You shouldn’t go on the rez if you’re white because Indians have a lot of anger in their heart.’

All I owe the world is my art.

My father is an amazing man.