Quotes by Mia Wasikowska

My mom used to have a lot of European cinema playing in the house, so I’d catch bits and pieces of films.

I would hope everyone would be a feminist.

I love seeing my family.

I’ve had a great experience with pretty much everybody I’ve worked with.

Feminism is just about equality, really, and there’s so much stuff attached to the word, when it’s actually so simple. I don’t know why it’s always so bogged down.

Traveling to Russia and Germany and being able to see the world at a young age was really cool for me, and I really liked that.

As an actor you have to wait for someone to cast you, so you’re relying on the business.

It’s amazing how much you can absorb on a film set.

You never choose the way that you’re raised, it’s just the way that you were raised, but you do get to a certain age where you’re in a position to question the expectations of you and the way that you’ve been formed by your surroundings.