Quotes by Kin Hubbard

A lot of Thanksgiving days have been ruined by not carving the turkey in the kitchen.

Next to a circus there ain’t nothing that packs up and tears out faster than the Christmas spirit.

Peace has its victories no less than war, but it doesn’t have as many monuments to unveil.

There’s no secret about success. Did you ever know a successful man who didn’t tell you about it?

If you haven’t seen your wife smile at a traffic cop, you haven’t seen her smile her prettiest.

We would all like to vote for the best man but he is never a candidate.

No one can feel as helpless as the owner of a sick goldfish.

Universal peace sounds ridiculous to the head of an average family.

Lack of pep is often mistaken for patience.

Don’t knock the weather nine-tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation if it didn’t change once in a while.