Quotes by Charles Lamb

Cards are war, in disguise of a sport.

The teller of a mirthful tale has latitude allowed him. We are content with less than absolute truth.

Credulity is the man’s weakness, but the child’s strength.

I am determined that my children shall be brought up in their father’s religion, if they can find out what it is.

Lawyers, I suppose, were children once.

He is no lawyer who cannot take two sides.

Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and have her nonsense respected.

New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday.

The human species, according to the best theory I can form of it, is composed of two distinct races, the men who borrow and the men who lend.

The most common error made in matters of appearance is the belief that one should disdain the superficial and let the true beauty of one’s soul shine through. If there are places on your body where this is a possibility, you are not attractive – you are leaking.