technology Quotes

Just let me use the technology I want at a fair price.

I don’t think people buy technology products because of the personalities of the people behind them.

Being around some of the bright lights of the technology world and having them expect great things helps you sit down and do it seriously.

Technology has changed, and we need to figure out how to improve the archaic way of what makes a hit, or how to determine how many viewers are watching beyond some people with Nielsen boxes in a small percentage of homes in random areas.

If we had had the right technology back then, you would have seen Eva Braun on the Donahue show and Adolf Hitler on Meet the Press.

India and Japan should develop a complementary relationship in information technology.

Daoist thought is the root of science and technology in China.

Technology is making design more exciting, with color, wallpaper, textures, fabrics that could never have been created without the technology.

Technology makes the world a new place.

Skin has become inadequate in interfacing with reality. Technology has become the body’s new membrane of existence.