learning Quotes

For a small child there is no division between playing and learning between the things he or she does just for fun and things that are educational. The child learns while living and any part of living that is enjoyable is also play.

For me, French is so rich and so sacred that learning it is like learning a foreign language.

No amount of study or learning will make a man a leader unless he has the natural qualities of one.

We were learning together. We’d go to various clinics and try to learn as much as possible.

I have never forgotten my days as an Eagle Scout. I didn’t know it at the time, but what really came out of my Scouting was learning how to lead and serve the community. It has come in handy in my career in government.

Father, in spite of all this spending of money in learning Latin, I will be a painter.

I’ve definitely had my fair share at shaking my fists at the gods of Hollywood, but I’m learning that I cannot think that way or I will go crazy.

In those parts of the world where learning and science has prevailed, miracles have ceased but in those parts of it as are barbarous and ignorant, miracles are still in vogue.

To know ourselves, is agreed by all to be the most useful Learning the first Lessons, therefore, given us ought to be on that Subject.

So I went out and bought Hard Again by Muddy Waters. That was a big learning curve. I listened to that album again and again and again. James Cotton was the harmonica player on that album.